Description: Festive motivational corporate upbeat tune, using ukulele and acoustic guitar. Perfect for promotion, advertising, tv, web and radio production, business positive movie.

Description: Uplifting and motivating theme, featuring a gentle melody with a delay effect over an ethereal background and upbeat drums. A couple of breakdowns along the way add variety to the track, making it modern and mellow at the same time.

Description: Nice, easy listening track with deep bass, nice mixed drums and saxophone.

Description: Soft, electro-jazzy, relaxing, contemplative track. Perfect for corporate film, or scientific film. Also perfect for illustrating a calm road/driving scene.

Description: Very happy, bouncy and bright music with optimistic and positive soul. You will hear cheerful ukulele, sweet organ, african percussion and nice bells. This track is a great solution if you need actual motivational background to make your project succsessful and expressive.

Description: A soft, tender and gentle love song featuring piano and female vocals.

Description: Staccato dual acoustic guitars with dreamy string/synth passages and delicate middle eight section. Chugging snare drum patterns suggests a contemporary pleasant journey or expedition. Ideal chill out music for adult contemporary themes.

Description: A smooth and sensual looped audio theme with sweet guitar solos and piano, perfect for projects that advertise restaurants, luxury bars, classy lounge areas, or people flirting with each other while drinking wine in the night time.

Description: Sunny and airy composition with bright and gentle piano. Intense and hopeful.

Description: Light airy background tune with a positive inspiring mood