Description: Happy Loop is a short and sweet loop with piano and acoustic guitar.

Description: A light and cool pop track featuring electric guitar and piano melodies with an upbeat and fun groove.

Description: Inspiring loop for the background, corporate video, advertising and other. Light, romantic and sentimental mood.

Description: reflection, regret, search, sadness,

Description: A groovy confident track that will make you head move up and down. Funky guitars and hip hop loops give this track its vibe.

Description: Cutting Edge Kitchen Rhythm with Knives & Sharpeners

Description: Intricate Food TV Show Rhythm with Mixed Utensils

Description: A slow moving pop track featuring beautiful acoustic guitar picking over a nice drum groove.

Description: A smooth and slow acoustic country ballad in the style of the Eagles. A great piece of music for describing a 'new girl in town'. Could also be used for a new girl in school, or any other situation where you want to present a new person to a plot or storyline. Smooth country vocals over a slow and steady acoustic country ballad with acoustic guitars, banjos and beautiful vocal harmonies. Great for film and tv projects.