Description: Christmas, advertising, after effects, background, bells, bright, business positive, clear, confident, cool, discovery, dreamy, easy, elegant, energetic, festive, fresh, fun, funny, happy, hopeful, inspirational, intense, joyful, light, lively, magical, motivational, nature, optimistic, peaceful, playful, positive, powerful, promotion, romantic, santa, sensual, slight, soft, travel, tv, ukulele, upbeat, uplifting, web, wholesome, easy listening

Description: Light, transparent, atmospheric background track. Gentle arpeggiated electric guitars, atmospheric solos, warm pads, bright, clear piano and and glossy, quiet groove. The composition is suitable for musical backgrounds or sound illustrations, soundtrack or audio presentation.

Description: Resounding, Robust, Exhilarating

Description: Gentle melodic acoustic guitar theme with orchestral strings

Description: Delicate, elegant melody is played on harp. Perfect for any kind of inspirational projects, motivational presentations and family videos.

Description: An soft uplifting theme, played by a spacey synth sound, piano and acoustic guitar over a light mid tempo drum beat. This positive and lighthearted tune provides an atmosphere of leisure and luxury as well as ease and serenity which makes it an ideal background music for wellness and massages or travel documentaries.

Description: Nice synth arpeggio, glockenspiel, electric guitar and light percussion that create a friendly and relaxing mood.

Description: A track inspired by the 70s spy-detective movie

Description: Beautiful New Age piece with a dark piano melody and mysterious film noir feel in the intro. Ensemble includes piano, strings, bass and drums. A variety of emotional moods including romance, mystery and drama. Great for romantic underscores, soaps, lost love, dramas and scenes of reflection.

Description: Regal, Triumphant, Recessional, Mouret