Description: Powerful dubstep track with distorted electric guitar, wobble bassline and catching melody.

Description: Amazing Bro-step with greate mellody and vocal! :D

Description: Dubstep remix of classic Christmas song "Jingle Bells". Dubstep Jingle Bells (extended version):

Description: Dark Dubstep is a melodic and powerful bass tune, violent and fast, excellent for various projects. Powerful drums, cutting edge lead synths, bass and surreal atmosphere is the norm here. Enjoy and please rate it if you like it

Description: An atmospheric beginning with an ambient piano that turn to an Urban Dubstep with a lot of beat and bass. This version is a 1 minutes Edit for advertising and corporate use. You'll find a 30 secondes Edit of this song on Audiomicro.

Description: Huge dubstep track, superb wobble bass with intricate cut ups and effects and great production values. I have added a large number of professional dubstep tracks with alternate edits so if you like this one please check out the rest. enjoy !

Description: A dark and deep electronic Dubstep track.