Description: A high tension, high drama intro that feels like Mozart with synthesizers leads way into a heavy dubstep wobble section. Transitioning back into a build, then outtro with a more rhythmic, less wobbly section, this is a fantastic trailer cue with shifting feels and elements throughout.

Description: A slightly uptempo for the genre dubstep/future bass cue with a nice intro chord progression and underlying funky feel; explosions on the 1 every measure make it perfect for an ascending tension trailer scene that contains any sort of explosions.

Description: A metal and electronic hybrid with light dubstep electronic elements. Huge guitars and pounding drums make this track ideal for promos, trailers and intense action cues like UFC, WWE, NFL, motocross and other extreme sports. In the style of Metallica, Rammstein, Celldweller, Cliff Lin and Pantera

Description: Inspirational modern Dubstep with floating reversed pads, catchy vocal chops, anthem synths, exciting risers and kicking drums. Great for presentations, lifetsyle, fashion, sport and youth.

Description: The serious, vigorous track, in Instrumental style, was used "Giant" synthesizer from Kontakt

Description: Energetic, powerful and melodic modern Dubstep/Glitch track. Perfect for intros, sports, logos, advertising, backgrounds and more. Clean synths, groovy and powerful basses, catchy melodies and punchy drums create joyful mood.

Description: Heavy dubstep tune with a synth driven intro and a wild drop.

Description: Powerful track consisting of distorted guitars, epic strings, dubstep bass and drums with percussion. High powered, energetic music for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: A classic dubstep tune with raging basses, synths, and wobbles.

Description: Romantic and sensual instrumental Dubstep track with an R 'n' B flavour.

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