Description: Inspirational modern Dubstep with floating reversed pads, catchy vocal chops, anthem synths, exciting risers and kicking drums. Great for presentations, lifetsyle, fashion, sport and youth.

Description: This is a real dancefloor destroying Dubstep monster. Full of immovable bass, irresistible groove and disorted Hammond organ sounds this tune will give you a good shake from top to bottom. A must-have for every production in need of modern, up to date club music.

Description: Aggressive and powerful dubstep logo.

Description: Powerful and energetic track. Dubstep track is perfect for video projects, angry and driving videos, corporate business and product advertisements, commercials, slideshows, YouTube videos, documentaries, Featurettes, photography production, viral marketing, travel videos, sport and fitness videos, racing and flying videos, vlogs, TV and radio media, etc.

Description: The serious, vigorous track, in Instrumental style, was used "Giant" synthesizer from Kontakt

Description: Modern dubstep music for your projects.

Description: A quick hard hitting and glitch influenced modern dubstep logo track perfect for your logo short sequences and short intros.

Description: Expansive, epic and full of crunching beats and gritty synths, this inspiring and powerful dubstep track will take you away on a journey. Beautiful and spacious moments combine with electronic elements and a warm bass making this background music perfect as an underbed for videos, podcasts, adverts, films / movies and a bunch of other productions.

Description: Energetic, powerful and melodic modern Dubstep/Glitch track. Perfect for intros, sports, logos, advertising, backgrounds and more. Clean synths, groovy and powerful basses, catchy melodies and punchy drums create joyful mood.

Description: This is a epic powerful cinematic music.Perfect for movie trailers, game soundtrack and action videos!