Description: old skool disco with flute, brass stabs, srings and moog synthesizer.

Description: This is super positive Disco 80s Dance Loop 30s for Arcade children video Game with holiday beautiful mood in old dance style (aka Modern Talking or Bad Boys Blue)! Don’t miss it, because this is really easy, motivational and melodious 30sec track with celebratory bells, rythmical easy drums, etc…:)This music track can be used as a musical advertising background for websites, video projects and films for children etc… Enjoy and thanks for buying!:)

Description: seventies influenced disco track with typical bass patterns, piano and flange guitars.

Description: Sunshine,lounge track,funky guitars,Fender Rhodes.

Description: funky disco/dance track with soaring strings and busy bass.

Description: funky house with slap bassline & jangly guitars & string licks.

Description: Mellow dance groove with funky clavinet & panvibes

Description: disco style dance and drive music with guitar and trumpet solo.

Description: fun, tongue in cheek, throwback disco track with wah guitar, strings and horns. perfect porn soundtrack!.

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