Description: Classic disco feel, late 70's, tv pop orchestra, upbeat

Description: fun, tongue in cheek, throwback disco track with wah guitar, strings and horns. perfect porn soundtrack!.

Description: Something you'd hear from an old action TV show. In the vein of shows like Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, James Bond, Austin Powers, Ocean's Eleven.

Description: Disco, Nostalgic, Pulsing, Groovy, Monotonous, Fun, in a Fun mood, featuring Drums, Bass, Synth, Electric, Guitar, Keyboard, with a Fast tempo

Description: An old school disco funk groove tune.

Description: Happy, Upbeat, Positive Disco Funk Music.

Description: Happy Summer Disco Funk (loop2).wav

Description: Happy, Upbeat, Positive Disco Funk Music.

Description: suspicious, thoughtful, scary, dreamy, deep, sensitive, effective, energetic, mood, mystic, magical, film, trailer, fear, horror, panic, hope hopeless, dramatic, anxious, ill, business, corporate, commerce, marketing, presentation, logo, angry, aggressive, chaotic, confident, confused, dark, melancholic, evil, hard, haunting, heavy, hypnotic, mournful, suspense, urban, danger, alert, ghost, deep

Description: A sunny instrumental track in the genres of disco and funk, bold and flashy in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with positive outlook, creative motivation, enjoyment of life.

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