Description: Riding, speed, bright, light, lively, optimistic, positive, urban, dance, bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, synthesiser, percussion

Description: Groovy funky retro style disco track with a vintage 70s instrumentation of Boney M Style string section, funky style wah guitars, slap bass and four on the flour drum groove. Ideal for any retro/vintage style commercial or website.

Description: Positive disco-house track in a good mood. Featured instruments are strings, synth leads and electric guitars. Good for fashion video or advertising.

Description: This track has a house rhythm with cool tribal drums.

Description: funky disco track with big brass riffs, hammond organ & raunchy rock guitars.

Description: This song is dedicated to my funeral

Description: Beautiful and positive summer dance track with a strong french house influence with lots of filtered pads and synths, a moving bass, tons of fx and an unforgettable melody! Very happy and full of good vibes!

Description: A hard driving, thick and booming version of the classic Grieg melody, featuring a variety of quirky synthesizers and electronic drum grooves possibly for an introduction or theme for tv, film, advert or various programs.

Description: excellent "logo up" music. very flexible piece-can support footage with or with out dialogue.

Description: uptempo 70's style disco instrumental.