Description: Quasi-disco beat serves this latin samba well. Drama and intrigue are at the core of this well crafted nod to a by gone era.

Description: Disco-Funk track with electric piano, strings and funky bass

Description: Electronica, Electronica-Techno, Disco, Feel Good, Groovy, Fun, Happy, Cheery, Carefree, Funky, Enthusiastic, Electronic, in a Adventurous, Fun, Energetic, Exciting mood, featuring Drums, Synth, Piano, Electronic, with a Fast tempo

Description: rock fast new wave futuristic melodic pop a dreamy moving classic dance instrumental track.

Description: Disco, Nostalgic, Pulsing, Groovy, Monotonous, Fun, in a Fun mood, featuring Drums, Bass, Synth, Electric, Guitar, Keyboard, with a Fast tempo

Description: Groovy drum and electric bass line. Clubby sound, rhythmic and dynamic. Enriched by elctric guitars and rhodes.

Description: A non traditional wild, fast paced, comedic Klezmer inspired dance track with elements of pop, rock, disco and Hebrew music. Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.

Description: Riding, speed, bright, light, lively, optimistic, positive, urban, dance, bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, synthesiser, percussion

Description: Groovy funky retro style disco track with a vintage 70s instrumentation of Boney M Style string section, funky style wah guitars, slap bass and four on the flour drum groove. Ideal for any retro/vintage style commercial or website.

Description: Positive disco-house track in a good mood. Featured instruments are strings, synth leads and electric guitars. Good for fashion video or advertising.