Description: Cute Glamour Uplifting Modern Pop Music using: funky guitars, synths, disco beat and deep bass guitar. Also Using best plugins for mixing and mastering, including EMI mixer to get high-end mastering.

Description: A 70s inspired track with a great disco beat! It has wah, wah guitars, string lines and a whole lot of fun.

Description: An uplifting, celebratory instrumental disco anthem! This is a positive, emotional piece of music, custom-made for the dance floor or a scene of total elation. Reminiscent of the Pet Shop Boys.

Description: Vintage song for kinky boots and dancefloors

Description: Sunshine,lounge track,funky guitars,Fender Rhodes.

Description: Mellow dance groove with funky clavinet & panvibes

Description: A filtered disco track with classic live disco rhythm guitars , classic disco strings , long version available ,

Description: Dancefloor music based on groovy acoustic drum and solid bass line. 8 bit sound synths and sexy percussions play the old-style dance party in a spacecraft!

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