Description: A country/bluegrass track featuring a solo violin. While is has a traditional sound, there is also a touch of modern bluegrass. Suitable for countryside scenes, comedic, dancing, rural, outback...etc. Several sections from the track can be easily used as individual loops. Instrumentation, Fiddle, Bass, Drums, Banjo, Hammond Organ Track length 01:31

Description: American Deep South foot tapping theme that just keeps rolling along. Featues banjo, fiddle and acoustic guitar. Full mix, underscore and 30 sec versions

Description: Anthemic pop. Uplifting, bold, Happy, Glad, Loving

Description: Perky uptempo bluegrass fiddlin' hoedown

Description: Fun, driving, intense Pop/EDM instrumental dance track in the style of Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta and more. Instrumental, Pop Music, Pop/EDM, Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Pop Electronic Music

Description: This song is an instrumental folk/bluegrass tune. The mood is cheerful and inspirational. It will work for many purposes, including jingles, film, television, and more.

Description: Americana, Americana-Country, Country, Country-Contemporary, Western, Bouncy, Campy, Positive, Quirky, Western, Feel Good, Happy, in a Happy mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Americana, Americana-Folk, Americana-Country, Country-Traditional, Country, Dreamy, Retrospective, Introspective, Warm, Tender, Gentle, Expressive, Beautiful, Ballad, Big, Pastoral, Passionate, Peaceful, Pleasant, Pensive, in a Heartwarming mood, featuring Banjo, Bass, Cello, String Quartet, Fiddle, with a Slow tempo

Description: Americana, Americana-Country, Country, Country-Traditional, Americana-Folk, Folk, Western, Feel Good, Adventure, in a Adventurous, Fun mood, featuring Guitar, Bass, with a Mid tempo

Description: texas slide, south of the border, hippie music.

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