Description: Western, Country, Country-Contemporary, Wordly, International, Regional, Aggressive, Bad, Dangerous, Dark, Determined, Dramatic, Serious, Confident, Moody, Tension, in a Adventurous mood, featuring Guitar, Dobro, Slide, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Extension of ww700196, played on acoustic guitar and bass.

Description: Anthemic pop. Uplifting, bold, Happy, Glad, Loving

Description: Positive and motivational background music in country style, with slide, steel, acoustic and resonator guitars. Suitable for all kinds of video. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism.

Description: Fun, Rhythmic acoustic driven piece that has a pop country feel. It is uplifting and playful in nature. Perfect for video, product commercial, family product placement.

Description: Upbeat Country rodeo track with comical feel. Upbeat drum/bass groove and twangy guitars. Put your riding boots on!

Description: Happy, fun, adventurous, upbeat, positive, modern country folk music suitable for personal vlog, radio commercial, TV spot, public service announcement etc.

Description: Americana, Americana-Country, Country, Country-Contemporary, Western, Bouncy, Campy, Positive, Quirky, Western, Feel Good, Happy, in a Happy mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Upbeat, uplifting modern Country song with driving full band and male vocals.

Description: Country part 1 of 3. Melodious country music. Not a Loop.

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