Description: Western, Country, Country-Contemporary, Wordly, International, Regional, Aggressive, Bad, Dangerous, Dark, Determined, Dramatic, Serious, Confident, Moody, Tension, in a Adventurous mood, featuring Guitar, Dobro, Slide, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Extension of ww700196, played on acoustic guitar and bass.

Description: Anthemic pop. Uplifting, bold, Happy, Glad, Loving

Description: Positive and motivational background soundtrack in country style with slide, steel, acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin and fiddle strings. You will find the best use for commercials, presentations, corporate, slideshows, YouTube videos, TV and radio media production. Creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success and optimism.

Description: Fun, Rhythmic acoustic driven piece that has a pop country feel. It is uplifting and playful in nature. Perfect for video, product commercial, family product placement.

Description: Upbeat Country rodeo track with comical feel. Upbeat drum/bass groove and twangy guitars. Put your riding boots on!

Description: An upbeat, very positive track using ukulele, piano, bells, acoustic guitar, claps, snaps and drums. It is an excellent choice, for presentations, children’s holidays, advertising and other positive background.

Description: Americana, Americana-Country, Country, Country-Contemporary, Western, Bouncy, Campy, Positive, Quirky, Western, Feel Good, Happy, in a Happy mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, with a Mid tempo

Description: Upbeat, uplifting modern Country song with driving full band and male vocals.

Description: Country part 1 of 3. Melodious country music. Not a Loop.

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