Description: Thinking Big is an uplifting motivational track, driven by delayed electric guitars, upfront beats, catchy piano top-lines and a powerful, analogue synth bass line. It's ideal for use within corporate, motivational or business related projects where positivity and optimism are paramount.

Description: This fun and motivational corporate song gives an upbeat and happy vibe. This is instrumental background music thats common to what is heard in todays popular corporate tv advertising commercials. Features Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, & Bells, bass & drums.

Description: "Nice day" is a good vibe, smooth and joyful folk track featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, bells and hand claps. You`ll find plenty of good vibes and fresh melodies. Perfect for your corporate projects, animations, commercials, trailers, videos and broad

Description: relaxed, positive theme with acoustic guitar, piano and light percussion.

Description: This happy and upbeat instrumental background is perfect for any project needing positive and cheerful music. This track features Ukulele, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitars, and Bells. Also features whistling and hand clapping to give that super happy vibe. This would be perfect for any corporate advertising commercial music, youtube videos, slideshow presentations or any project that needs a optimistic feeling.

Description: This is very positive and powerful corporate track for your original projects with exciting sound and beautiful motivational mood, which include different bright instuments – acoustic piano, electric guitar, synth, live bass, drums, fx, violins, strings, pad etc…This track can be used anywhere – as a music, background for business commercial websites, in flash games and movies, documentary scientific films, business presentations and projects, podcast, slideshows, news, telecasts, about nature, space etc…

Description: Motivational pop rock track with echoing electric guitars, inspiring the positive emotions.High powered, grand and energetic music for corporate video, website, advertising, TV show and other media projects.

Description: A positive and uplifting corporate motivational track featuring a familiar chord structure, four-on-the-floor beats, delayed and arpeggio electric guitars and big pads and synth textures. It is ideal for use in corporate or business related projects, or work that requires a positive and energetic feel.

Description: This is a three-plus minute corporate track that can serve several purposes. You can use it as an extended intro or outro for your video, or simply pick a section of your choice and discard the rest. It builds steadily throughout it's length and is very versatile and exciting! Percussion kicks in at 1:20 and adds further to the upbeat nature of the song. Many instruments came together in the creation of this track, including: 4 electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars, 2 drum kits, a full orchestral string section, and several different pads to add atmosphere. Enjoy!

Description: Very motivational and uplifting track with electric delayed guitar, acoustic guitars, synths, drums, bass, percussion and airy gentle mood. Perfect for commercials and advertising, brand identity, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, motivational projects, kids projects and more.

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