Description: Twinkling nostalgic piano lines with building brush drum kit and synth pads resolving in a fluttery, positive theme of descending synth melodies. Version - No Bells, No Strings 30 Second

Description: Energetic and glossy with echoing, bubbling melodies overtop airy, rhythmic synth layers. Version - No Bells, No Rave Synth, No Lead Synth 30 Second

Description: Ambient and ethereal with bright bell percussion melodies over rich, spacious synth pulses and sharp sounding drums. Version - No Bell Synth 30 Second

Description: A twinkling, celestial synth line builds with poppy programmed percussion and ethereal soundscapes into a driving, gleeful anthem. Version - No Rave Synths 30 Second

Description: Electronic dance based with a jovial, spacey melody and a Latin percussion flair. Version - No Percussion, No Orchestra, No Synth Lead 30 Second

Description: An optimistic, cheerful tune with building percussion, bright celestial tones and a sunny keyboard melody. Version - No Synth 30 Second

Description: Sunny and bright with a positive piano melody and bell percussion over optimistic, ambient sounding keyboard and programmed drum treatments. Version - No Synth 30 Second

Description: Sparkling piano and shaker with celestial bell tones steering into a driving, important theme of positive piano and prestigious strings. Version - No Bells, No Strings 60 Second

Description: A shimmering, dramatic theme leads into a bright, optimistic piano and bell melody with a driving rhythm section and percolating synth lines underneath. Version - No Glockenspiel, No Strings 60 Second

Description: Bustling and shimmering echo piano and glockenspiel melodies shine into the ether of glossy synth pulses with a positive sounding rhythmic bed. Version - No Glockenspiel, No Lead Synth 60 Second