Description: Motivational 2 is an emotional motivational inspiring track featuring guitars and piano. This track is suitable for background, commercial, video, corporate, business and anything that can be imagined, hope you find it useful! Thank you!

Description: YOLO. Go forward and make that dream happen!

Description: A propulsive and energetic track for business, medical, science and technology.

Description: Electric guitar driven pop/rock track full of positive energy and color.

Description: A rhythmic, celebratory and uplifting melody to help you succeed and present your concepts, ideas and programs to a larger group of people with some uplifting and progressively building music.

Description: "Dreamy Inspiration" is an inspirational and motivational track perfect for any project that needs a relaxing, uplifting and bright music. It includes piano, dreamy guitars, pads, bass, drums and percussion. Thank you for purchasing! :)

Description: Energetic, propulsive, percussive and evocative music bed for corporate, business, science, technology, etc.

Description: A song that starts with a heavenly piano with electronic percussion that builds up into a dramatic sequence accompanied by a string orchestra.

Description: A fun energetic piece that would work well as a product ad.

Description: an epic rock song with a positive vibe