Description: A rising song perfect for this summer days, inspirational and emotional

Description: A song to refill energy on work, perfect for corporate commercials that need an uplifting feel.

Description: An inspirational song, perfect for a dreamy sequence with a lot of hope and will to get a better life.

Description: The Elegant Calm Corpate Musc for Backgroung.

Description: This is Positive Inspirational Corporate track. Bright and clear. Acoustic guitars, mute guitar, piano, smooth bass, easy drums and warm string pads. Best for commercial, advertisment, presentations, upbeat optimistic videos and much more

Description: A piano melody loop starts on the high registers like flying colors, and after a while, a violin plays a very high note. Finally, the entire orchestra completes the sound picture filling all the low and middle registers. Perfect for love, drama, memories scenes, and adverts

Description: Uplifting & motivational corporate music track — for any kind of your corporate projects

Description: Upbeat pop music track with inspirational and uplifting mood — for any kind of your projects.

Description: Bright & calm minimal background music track - for any kind of your projects.

Description: Bright uplifting pop music track for promotional video, inspiring projects and more.