Description: Jumpy, groovy loop. ideal for radio formats, podcasts, and advertising

Description: A track for a football television show to present highlights to the viewer

Description: A variation on my track ' Magic ways' with a slap funk bass, and drum n' bass line.

Description: A Fast Drum and Bass cheese corporate dance track

Description: Cheesy Euro dance track for a product launch or similiar

Description: A classic euro dance pop countdown launch style track again

Description: Another corporate track style euro dance countdown piece of music

Description: A short and versatile piano theme for a morning start, especially enjoying something to eat or drink, an original brand, relaxing, feel safe. Also for advertising insurance and many more.

Description: This motivating piece seems to keep climbing higher and higher as it returns to the same repeating theme. Perfect for corporate background, commercials, or optimistic feel good music.

Description: This smooth and steady corporate piece casts the image of helping hands working together mending fences, constructing homes, and building community. Percussive piano and soothing guitar drive this song forward to an ethereal string climax that leaves the listener motivated to move forward.