Description: Ultra dynamic action-adventure music reflecting high drama and big heroics with a corporate-industrial vibe. Designed for extreme sports, Reality TV shows, NFL playoffs, big events, corporate branding and breaking news headlines. Imagine The World Series, NBA Playoffs, The Super Bowl, The Rose Bowl, Amazing Race.

Description: Glorious and uplifting, 60 seconds victorious corporate music with symphonic strings, electroic percussion and synth. For success, victory and hope, new day, beginnings, triumph and optimistic vibes.

Description: After a long dry spell, the magic of rainfall. Piano and nothing else!

Description: Melodic and uplifting motivational theme.

Description: 60 second loop featuring fingerpicked acoustic guitar, piano, bass, and drums. Has an upbeat driving feel of movement on a bright and sunny day – as if you just cast off on a sailboat into a breezy tropical ocean. Perfect for background music for corporate or motivational presentations, television, radio, or just about anything that needs a positive, inspirational song behind it. Loops seamlessly.

Description: At journey's end, the sweet anticipation as the door opens to a warm fire and gentle embrace. Piano and nothing else!

Description: Let us live, love and laugh...while we can. Piano and nothing else!

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