Description: Famous music by Offenbach with modern orchestration. Hi energy contemporary drums,synth bass along with orchestral arrangement. Brings past and present together. joyful.

Description: Short light graceful elegant classical orchestral waltz nostalgic.Ideal for ballroom ballet or European cues underscore

Description: Joyful. Orchestra drums bass synths sfx choir accordions.

Description: Sicilienne - Solo Piano (Garbiel Faure). A piece of traditional classical music for ceremonies, weddings, traditional events and much more. Regal and romantic, a classy piece of classical music. Great for Valentines day and romance based visuals.

Description: A classical guitar chord melody with string orchestra. Evokes positive feelings and makes you smile.

Description: Belongs to Chopin's 24 Preludes, Op. 28, a set of short pieces for the piano, one in each of the twenty-four keys, originally published in 1839. Chopin wrote them between 1835 and 1839, partly at Valldemossa, Majorca, where he spent the winter of 1838-39 and where he had fled with George Sand and her children to escape the damp Paris weather. In Majorca, Chopin had a copy of Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier, and as in each of Bach's two sets of preludes and fugues, his Op. 28 set comprises a complete cycle of the major and minor keys, albeit with a different ordering. The second prelude sets up an immediate contrast, with a slow melody over a fixed accompaniment of four-note chords played two eighth notes at a time. It’s mood and/or theme is characterized by painful meditation, the distant, deserted sea, the presentiment of death.

Description: A beautifully stunning classical piece of music for a wide range of applications and visual projects. Very regal, royal and triumphant, a great piece of music for the upper class or high class society! Also perfect for adverts, infomercials and trailers.

Description: Dramatic orchestral soundtrack featuring strings, choir, timpani, horns, piano. The first theme is sad and recalls dramatic and intense images like a population exodus. The second theme gives birth to a new hope in the future, while in the third theme the main feeling is tranquil and serene.

Description: A wall of violas create a tragically beautiful instrumental piece. Perfect background music for a documentary or voice over project.

Description: Famous music with modern orchestration . Hi energy contemporary drums,synth bass along with orchestral arrangement. Brings past and present together . joyful.

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