Description: Gentle, caring & loving, free flowing theme. Very light, warm & safe feeling. Perfect for romance, passionate liasons, love, family, compassion. 60 & 30sec versions for Radio & TV commercials for caring professions, health & beauty, loved ones, well-being & quality products.

Description: Traditional lilting classical melody with a hint of playfulness. Flute motifs hint at birdsong or woodland creatures. Reminiscent of 18th century style.

Description: song that is typically played at the end of a wedding ceremony when the bride and groom are walking down the aisle to depart.

Description: Thoughtful, caring and gentle light theme. Features steady rhythmic harp with gently swelling synth pads and strings into piano harp and strings. Contains mood and pace changes. Perfect for human emotion, nature and the natural world. Main mix, piano u/score, 60, 30 and 10sec versions

Description: Frederic Chopin Prelude Op. 28 No.8

Description: This is Tchaikovsky's Russian Dance (or Trepak) from the ballet The Nutcracker. This piece, like many others from the ballet, is commonly associated with Christmas and the winter season. Its upbeat, festive nature inspires both excitement and happiness.

Description: This piece by Tchaikovsky is mysterious in nature, yet manages to remain soft and sweet throughout. It is commonly heard during the winter holidays along with his other music from the Swan Lake ballet.

Description: This is the popular pizzicato movement from the ballet Sylvia, composed by Leo Delibes. This arrangement stays true to the original score, meaning the instrumentation is unchanged. The pizzicato string parts keep the overall feel of this piece lighthearted and playful.

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