Description: piano variations on a schumann theme. performed by mark latimer. It's a contemporary classic music composition, which explores many possibilities starting from a very simple (yet incredibly beautiful) little tune by the great composer.

Description: Solo Piano improvisation.

Description: Piano intro reminiscent of "Moonlight Sonata", leads to classical study with clarinet, strings lending a plaintive mood.


Description: Avant-Garde Orchestra and choir play a neo-classical piece written by film composer Kerry Engle.

Description: An extensive rich piece with piano and strings. Builds to two tasteful crescendos. Has a hopeful as well as thoughtful mood.

Description: A version of Cannon In D Pachelbel, with strings, ambient version

Description: Fog, fog at a valley is my composition based upon a russian folk song. It has all features of this kind of songs like plangent, songfulness, a little bit dramatic. It is very good for background music of pictures of nature sometimes calm sometimes stormy and tumultous.

Description: joyous, celebratory synth choir, 2 trumpets, organ, timpani. aba with minimalist style middle section.

Description: Acoustic piano composition for your projects.

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