Description: Acoustic piano composition for your projects. Works great as background.

Description: Sad, plaintive string introduction to dramatic, suspenseful, classical/avante tango track. Morse Code like strings plead for rescue over the doomy portent of the bass.

Description: The title says it all... A simple piece for piano and a string quartet

Description: Short, transitional version of ww600027, with trumpet.

Description: A J.S. Bach fugue on electronic and orchestral instruments. Spot version = ww800191.

Description: Melancholy and hopeful string quartet combined with guitar. Interwoven strings create a beautiful bed of harmony with gently driving guitar.

Description: Eerie, ambient, orchestral suspense.

Description: Classical style piano in a harmonic minor key great for short mood pieces

Description: A track describing a hero who has fallen in battle.

Description: Uplifting corporate classical orchestra. Wistful, forward-pushing and positive orchestral underscore, full of drive and determination. Features rhythmic piano figures, staccato viola section, plus sweet smooth violins, harp and horns for power. Great for movement in drama, documentary or promotions. Main, 60sec and 30sec, full and underscore mixes