Description: just a flute, strings and a snare. a short meditative piece.

Description: string orchestra performs dark suspense/action cue.

Description: joyous, celebratory synth choir, 2 trumpets, organ, timpani. aba with minimalist style middle section.

Description: based on mozart quote as per original commission, makes use of style modulation technique, score available.

Description: 2nd miniature of a set of 5 miniatures for string quartett (a story), score and parts available for performance.

Description: wave hammered n-tone madness. prequel to 'nihilist antiorem'.

Description: piano variations on a schumann theme. performed by mark latimer. It's a contemporary classic music composition, which explores many possibilities starting from a very simple (yet incredibly beautiful) little tune by the great composer.

Description: cello and violin small piece.

Description: minimalist piece for woodwinds and strings.

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