Description: Classical Classics, pastoral, nature orchestral, sophisticated

Description: orchestral serious slow march progression.

Description: Melodic and restful acoustic guitar solo-:30

Description: This moving, dynamic counterpoint is joyful, optimistic & fun. The traditional steady motor-rhythm is upbeat, bright & bouncy. The calm, quiet, simple & clean tone is happy, friendly & flowing. The elegant, sophisticated feel is cinematic & clever. Sweet, soft, smooth & pretty yet merry & playful.

Description: Two Voices Bach Invention

Description: A kaleidoscope of emotions, with baroque and romantic elements, is embedded in this tune and marked largely by the chord progression. The music tells a moving story filled with joy, sadness and beyond. The lower strings lay out a square beat, like a march.

Description: 30 second mix of solo harpsichord repeating a/b pattern in chamber music style. suggested for period scenes in chambers.

Description: acoustic,soulful,thoughtful.

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