Description: Drama, Drama-Horror, Drama-Danger, Eerie, Frenzied, Horror, Dark, Dangerous, in a Scary mood, featuring Percussion, Synth, Strings, Piano, with a Fast tempo

Description: All strings, a light upbeat cue featuring violins, violas, cellos, and basses.

Description: Classical, Classical-(1750 1820), Adventure, Festive, Feel Good, Bouncy, in a Adventurous, Happy mood, featuring Flute, Piano, with a Fast tempo

Description: This is strong rising, epic, inspiring, uplifting, dramatic and a little tragic track with valiant emotions. Adventure atmosphere with explosive and clean drums, deep bass, lots of percussion, grand piano, staccato and legato strings and emotion heroic brass. Designed specially for voice-overing and background usage Useful for epic trailers or presentations, movies about adventures, battles, motivational videos, web, also for game videos, reels, sport, etc. Main Track length is 2:24 + 2 Additional tracks: 1:00, 0:30 I hope you will enjoy! See you soon! Dear Buyers! Please notice, if you bought my audio and need help to correct it for your project (to make it shorter/longer/brighter/louder/to change tempo or instrument/etc), just feel free to contact me via e-mail ( and I guarantee to add changes for you as soon as possible and for free(just add the invoice number in e-mail).

Description: Uplifting elegant orchestral piece with noble, stately feel.

Description: Special atmosphere in this composition created through the use of almost all instruments of the Symphony orchestra. Well suited for movies about wildlife, space, seas and oceans, urban features, advertisement, media projects etc, movies, presentations, product promos, Slideshows, After Effects templates, videohive projects. Perfect for video games. Background music.

Description: A short classical piece written in the style of Mozart and Haydn dance music, with a light and melodic personality.

Description: Prince charming coronation in the church. A melody with sweet violins, and a live flute playing

Description: Nice track that promises new and optimistic beginnings Hardcore classic - a real piper recorded with high quality mic and processed with vintage equipment

Description: Tense, purposeful and edgy classical strings. Full of drama, movement and power struggles. The driving rhythmic cello mix with the inter-weaving frantic violas, whilst the violins have a more calming influence. Perfect for drama, documentary and commercials - especially sleek new car TV adverts. 60sec and 30sec versions

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