Description: A breathtaking Celtic interpretation of the Amazing Grace, this patriotic and passionate arrangement of the Amazing Grace will motivate your audience. It is an awe inspiring and beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace featuring bagpipes. It is dynamic and powerful in its delivery. It will make the audience swell with pride to be an American. It will create the perfect Epic moment to pay tribute to a person or event.

Description: This cinematic rendition of the sacred Christian hymn 'Amazing Grace' is uplifting & optimistic. The determined drums, epic strings, upbeat piano, powerful percussion, positive message & strong electric guitar make this emotional & inspirational. A fresh new energy to a well-known traditional melody

Description: Religious - Traditional - Traditional Hymn in the Public Domain wistfully done with a violin and acoustic guitar building up to a dramatic finish. 100 BPM, Fast

Description: Traditional Hymn Public Domain.

Description: Religious-Hymns, Religious-Gospel, Religious & Spiritual, Beautiful, Dynamic, Expressive, Uplifting, Tender, Spiritual, Pastoral, Peaceful, Poignant, in a Emotional, Heartwarming, Reflective, Sad, Poignant mood, featuring Piano, Vocals, Female, with a Slow tempo

Description: Tradionnal english medieval song