Description: Classic hymn arranged for solo acoustic guitar. Soothing yet inspirational.

Description: Greogrian choir with athmospheric ambience and church bells

Description: Gospel/hip hop instrumental

Description: This pop rock melody is a groovy tune sure to have you swaying to the music, It is an inspiring rhythm that would serve as an upbeat underscore to commercials or advertisements

Description: The sacred Christian hymn 'Come Thou Fount' is a familiar traditional folk tune. Soft vibrant melodies building & climbing to a soaring passionate & exciting climax. The deep acoustic cello is poignant & moving. The flying violins are sweet bright, & elegant. Calm & serene yet uplifting & positive.

Description: ENergetic Track With Blues Organ and Lead gospel vocals

Description: Slow Southern Spiritual Female Vocals Piano

Description: This upbeat, hand clapping single is great for any church scene.

Description: Religious & Spiritual, Religious-Gospel, Strong, Fun, Frenzied, Uplifting, Happy, Big, Bold, Brash, Confident, in a Energetic, Fun, Happy, Powerful mood, featuring Bass, Organ, Piano, Drums, with a Very Fast tempo

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