Description: naive and child-like, this care-free romp down an often traveled path begins with my daughter opening a toy piano at her 1st birthday party...

Description: a delightful reggae tune with synthesizers, bass, drums and animal sounds.

Description: contemporary orchestrated russian lulluby - with victoria sergeenko.

Description: an anxious two-beat jazz tune with piano, guitar, bass, drums, accordion, mandolin, steel drums and marimba.

Description: Super cute baby music for your funny baby video! Happy and Cheerful, this lovely song will make your heart smile. Strings, horns, piano and marimba to put love in your life and give you an exciting happiness and joy! Warm uplifting tune that will bring a tear to the eye for the right video! Funny and silly music for YouTube and make up and baby videos !

Description: an easy and relaxed jazz swing tune for the patient parent featuring piano, bass and guitar.

Description: Optimistic and bright with adventurous tricks and turns for fun and playful adventures with a light, happy and positive feeling. Notable instruments: glockenspiel, triangle, flute, harp, bassoon and oboe, backed up by small string ensemble. Moods varies from sweet, relaxed, playful and funny into a gleeful, bouncy, quirky and tricky mood. Variants: 4:00 Loop / 2:00 Loop / 1:00 / 1:00 Loop / 0:30 Loop / 0:30 Loop / 0:10 Snippet and 3 different 0:05 Snippets.

Description: happy, swaying track evoking the feel of a circus or a carnival. think clowns and merry-go-rounds and hurdy gurdy man with his monkey.

Description: a lullaby to sweeten the dreams of children.

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