Description: background, bass, calm, cinematic, classical, dreamy, drums, intro, peaceful, strings, vocals

Description: Magical and fantasy beautiful music track.

Description: Situation (Instrumental vibe)

Description: all you need intro loops ends stings theme fx for a video game or a score for childrens

Description: Western, Country, Children, Bouncy, Traveling, Western, Struttin, in a Fun, Happy mood, featuring Harmonica, Bass, Drums, with a Fast tempo

Description: Energetic,colorful melodic instrumental inspired in the 1960's era instrumentals full of nostalgic retro vibe similar in spirit to "Telstar" from the Tornadoes with The Ventures surf style guitar, Japanese TV Super heroes and catchy melodies. If you are looking for an anthem-inspired instrumental song for corporate use , or even children's entertainement shows or broadcasts give this song a try.

Description: Sing your vocal track or tell a tale to your child. A=432 Hz tuning.

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