Description: Happy, Upbeat and Optimistic track featuring Ukulele, Hand Claps, Piano, Bass, Drums and Bells. Uplifting and Motivating composition perfect for commercials, adverts, promos, presentations, corporate use and productions for children.

Description: Children - Playful and fun background music ideals for your projects.

Description: positive,exploring theme for children's programs or websites.

Description: A simple, cute and playful track that expresses the innocense of being a kid.

Description: a light-hearted comedy piece with simple rhythm and playful mood.

Description: Playful glock with comedy brass and tinkling percussion, great undesrcore to accompany a comedy visual

Description: Bells, Kind, Happy, children, dreamy, nice, flowing, gentle

Description: A very quirky , funny tune , imagine a funny character , perhaps a lost tourist in an unfamiliar country getting in to all sorts of troble walking the foreign streets

Description: Upbeat, positive mood. Happy, celebratory. Travel and weekend trips, holiday scenes, cooking shows, smiling again, feel good commercials, friendships, family reunions,wedding announcement, carnival The typical carousel music,with dangerously crazy cartoon artefacts ! Irresistibly funny Played in rock-n-roll stile,this song evokes images of happy children on a carousel in the summer Drive and energetic musical composition, this will be ideal as a soundtrack of films, presentations, video and video games, also other projects. Live guitar sound. Films, presentations, TV, commercials, website or background support for many of your projects.