Description: Very positive a bit naughty music track. Amazing happy piece for project for kids, commercial, animation, movie. Created with drums, bass, piano, vibes and synths, the track will sound good in tv or radio program. The tune creates atmosphere of playground fun and carefree childhood.

Description: Excellent for advertisement, promo, children and presentation projects when you need a perfect motivational and happy mood.

Description: A happy folk track using ukulele, whistles, claps, pianos, bells and an acoustic rhythm section for children’s holidays, summer, advertising, slideshows, YouTube and other positive video projects.

Description: This acoustic folk track contains a very positive melody on the whistle, simple chords on the ukulele and uplifting bells. Suitable for all kinds of corporate video, children’s content, business presentations, nature, travel, optimistic commercials.

Description: “Pulse” is a very vibrant and atmospherical soundscape which consists of mystic synthesizer pads, some fx and also the sound of a spiritual flute. While listening to it you can really imagine very well how it would be like to listen to sounds of the stars, of the plantes, of the universe. It is also suitable for using it in trailers, advertisements, commercials, movies, openers or videogames.

Description: A bright and lively acoustic track combining a catchy melody with fun and quirky sounds, this track truly lives up to its name. The ideal partner for cooking shows, travel documentaries and videos, funny animal footage, homemade family video, animation projects, children’s television, movies and video games. This track also a great choice for those looking to add voiceover layers to their work Used ukuleles, acoustic guitars, piano, celesta, marimba, bass, Hammond organ, real human whistle, drums and percussion. Included four versions. Happy Whistle - inrto Happy Whistle - outro Happy Whistle - backing track - no whistle Happy Whistle - gt track - no whistle Happy Whistle - short intro Happy Whistle - short outro

Description: Perfect Children track suitable for any Video Stories, Promo Projects, Presentations, Positive TV Commercials and more. Thank you for purchasing, and don’t forget to rate it :)

Description: Colorful children's soundtrack instrumental . Track is mostly smooth with slight development to the end. Instruments : piano, bells, guitars, synth .

Description: Happy, positive country background music for for children’s video, Youtube videos, motivational presentations, inspiring videos, blogs, children games, corporate projects, TV shows, cheerful cartoon for kids, travel videos and more...

Description: Atmosphere of this music is perfect as Child Indie Game Music Background. There is Game Loop Version that can bee looped for all stage area in mobile app videogame. Also Can be used as bright and happy music soundtrack in advertisment of products for kids, different child toys, gamezones, kindergarten, infant school, nursery school, playschool, baby food. Suitable as background for fun videos about funny animals, funny cats, fynny kids and for blogs about cooking food.

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