Description: This emotive track, composed for the wonderful imaginary world of children, little kids and babies. orchestrated and well produced, this piece is ideal for any content relate to children, sleeping scenes, and perfect as a lullaby song.

Description: Funny and joyful, fast and uplifting track, with positive mood, that gives the feeling of a bright new day with no worries at all. Ideal for successful and happy corporate visuals, opening titles to children’s TV shows, & for any business related production looking for an uplifting corporate theme.

Description: Light, positive and inspiring track that takes you to the top of the world. makes you feel calm and happy, knowing you're going to enjoy this magical moment. Ideal for airline & children commercials, fantasies and magical cinematic projects and ad campaigns.

Description: A sweet, heartwarming and magical track, with a beautiful captivating melody. This track is the ideal music for that special moment in your project. This track will shine in any commercial, romantic and cinematic projects, films and trailers.