Description: a quirky cartoon style ending sequence.

Description: Twinkle twinkle little star played on a music box lullaby. Music box is playing simple melody for new born babies. Lullaby for the night for the kids. Fantastic and dreamy mood. Nightfall. Can be used in cartoons, films, videos or games.

Description: This piece is a lullaby and may be used in presentations to recall childhood or the freedom and innocence associated with childhood. This piece is also ideal for use with animations and cartoons. Twinkling stars and fairy tales come to mind when listening.

Description: Chirpy and playful instruments such as piccolo, xylophone and chimes create a perky and chirpy childrens loop. Acoustic bass melody carries the delicate childrens theme to a magical place which could suggest a baby, small animal, children playful or enjoying themselves.

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