Description: An uplifting, rhythmic hand-clapping played in a Bossa Nova fashion with an upbeat ukelele.

Description: A feel-good tune led by a joyful brass melody and chugging percussion.

Description: The road trip is just beginning! A strummed acoustic guitar paired with an upbeat tamborine.

Description: The sun is out and a cheerful spirit is in the air. Hand claps and ukulele atop a bouncy percussive rhythm.

Description: A mid-tempo summertime ditty that you can tap your foot or sway your head to while hanging with friends in the yard.

Description: A ukelele and whistle driven track with female vocalise that makes for an irresistable catchy tune.

Description: A slower-paced, ukelele driven track accompanied by hand clapping

Description: A quirky ukelele cue with a playful whistle melody and slacking rhythm.

Description: A happy, uptempo rhythm that can be clapped along to with a smile and carefree attitude

Description: A bluegrass, children hybrid cue that's foot-stompin' fun led by a comedic kazoo melody.

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