Description: An electric classic blues jam with funky drums and energetic guitar riffs and solos. Use this looped audio theme in movies or adverts that show bikers, bars, wild lifestyle, drinking and fighting.

Description: Jumpin' 2-beat Bluesy Flavored Guitar Hop featuring Nashville style Twangy Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion, and Bass.

Description: classic delta blues with turnarund lick and delay. in e.

Description: blues riff with lots of delay. in e.

Description: Way laid back subtle cool walking bass with Lead Electric Guitar, Drums, Electric Bass Guitar, Bongos.

Description: Traditional medium swing blues track. Some solos to create interest in your videos.

Description: Slow Blues track with raunchy electric guitar, organ and laid-back drum/bass groove. Sleak and sexy.

Description: regretful, pensive, longing, meditative, reflective thoughtful.