Description: Instrumental with feeling of loss, or sadness. Features Acoustic Guitar, Mandoguitar,and Electric Guitar

Description: High Speed Jungle Rhythm with Power Tool Creatures

Description: Mid-tempo, countrified folksy Blues, featuring slide and acoustic guitars, harmonica, percussion.

Description: Psychedelic Rock Blues Track in the Style of Bluesbreakers in the Key of A

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. Romantic / melodrama, dreams of sex, guitar, organ, love for ages, memories of the first love, unshared love

Description: Western, Western, Nature, Traveling, Struttin, Carefree, Pleasant, in a Mysterious, Adventurous mood, featuring Guitar, Slide, Drums, with a Mid tempo

Description: Blues, Delicate, Mellow, Reflective, Sexy, Soft, Expressive, Laid Back, in a Emotional, Romantic, Reflective mood, featuring Bass, Guitar, Electric, Synth, Brass, Drums, Sax, Alto, Trumpet, with a Very Slow tempo

Description: Upbeat swing blues, accompanied by light drumming and a synthesizer.