Description: Slower orchestral version of ww700081.

Description: Orchestral New Age Industrial Light Slow Laid-Back Casual Moderate Calm Gentle Peaceful Tranquil Warm Love Loving Care Caring Human Happy Happiness Positive Piano Strings Background Love Rural Pastoral Morning American Politics Elections Television TV Radio Advertizing Panorama Films.

Description: Jumpin' 2-beat Bluesy Flavored Guitar Hop featuring Nashville style Twangy Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion, and Bass.

Description: Latin guitar, bass and piano combined to form a groovy track. Sounds like Santana

Description: Hard rock track, with aggressive guitar riff and strong bass. Great for anything needing a metal feel.

Description: Traditional acoustic blues guitar riff

Description: Electric bass, bluesy slide guitar, and snapping fingers evoke a feeling of the coolest, smooth-talkingest hand on the dude ranch.