Description: Acoustic Guitar Blues In the Key of E. Blues guitar light and cheerful with drums.

Description: Western, Western, Struttin, Pleasant, Relaxed, Adventure, Nature, Traveling, in a Mysterious, Adventurous mood, featuring Bass, Conga, Guitar, with a Mid tempo

Description: a blues rock guitar based piece.

Description: Upbeat tap your toes rhythm and blues bounce with a catchy melody acoustic guitar drums bass.

Description: Acoustic guitar, bass and drums. Easy latino rhythm, ironic mood.

Description: Acoustic Guitar Blues In the Key of A. Rhythmic guitar with light drumming

Description: Very upbeat blues track. Lead by the piano with rhythmic bass and guitar. The drums in the background set the tone.

Description: Light and simple tune with piano and rhythm section.

Description: Hardcore Blues song, combined with a piano. Sounds like an instrumental from a B.B. King album