Description: Boogie woogie, blues, down home, country, bar room, feel good, twangy, fast guitar, blues piano, drums, bass

Description: A slow blues jam with an authentic feel. loop able audio

Description: Jazz Swing track for your happy and fun video project or film.

Description: A country and blue grass type of feel to this instrumental. Very quirky and playful.

Description: High Energy, Access Hollywood, Fast Moving, Electronica, Action, Drama, Drums, Synths, Techno, Dance, Nightclub, Bass

Description: A swampy blues song with acoustic guitar picking plays a funky and loose improv. Upright bass, shakers and tambourine round it out. Intro and ending included. A loop-able version is also available.

Description: Pop Jazz Industrial Light Medium Up-tempo Gentle Warm Friendly Human Happy Happiness Positive Confident.

Description: Raw blues in tradition of the great Texas guitar-slingers like T-Bone and Stevie Ray. Electric guitars, bass and drums.

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