Description: "Mister Right Now" - someone to keep you pleasantly occupied while you wait patiently for Mr. Right to come along. Our medium-tempo 12-bar blues arrangement (4/4 time, quarter note = 90) features piano, vibraphone and baritone saxophone solos backed by acoustic bass and drums.

Description: "Black Tux, White Sox" (just glance at the musicians on the bandstand at a wedding gig!) is a medium-tempo blues. Our arrangement features sequential mellow vibraphone, guitar, Hammond organ (B3) and baritone saxophone solos backed by a bluesy rhythm section.

Description: "Mister Mojo - Take 2" is a thoughtful 12-bar blues arrangement that features baritone saxophone, acoustic piano, and vibraphone solos. Our performance, which weaves effortlessly between major and minor modes, can be used to enhance a scene in a dramatic film or television production.

Description: this is my first instrumental work. all my best feelings were implemented in this crying guitars and solo. hope you'll enjoy.

Description: Odd time signatures on guitar and guitar synthesizer with a great live rhythm section and keyboards

Description: quirky blues-based vocal tune with no bass.

Description: a smooth but solid southern blues piece, featuring acoustic guitar in the lower register.

Description: slow blues with guitar solo, fender rhodes & rhythm guitar.

Description: sentimental, thankful, reflective.