Description: blues shuffle with piano & organ.

Description: Hardcore Blues song, combined with a piano. Sounds like an instrumental from a B.B. King album

Description: Uplifting, positive theme with rhythm section and orchestra.

Description: An electric classic blues jam with funky drums and energetic guitar riffs and solos. Use this looped audio theme in movies or adverts that show bikers, bars, wild lifestyle, drinking and fighting.

Description: Tapping DIY Rhythm with Syncopated Metal Accents

Description: Jumpin' 2-beat Bluesy Flavored Guitar Hop featuring Nashville style Twangy Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Percussion, and Bass.

Description: classic delta blues with turnarund lick and delay. in e.

Description: blues riff with lots of delay. in e.

Description: Way laid back subtle cool walking bass with Lead Electric Guitar, Drums, Electric Bass Guitar, Bongos.