Description: Pop Jazz Industrial Light Medium Up-tempo Gentle Warm Friendly Human Happy Happiness Positive Confident.

Description: Alternate version of ww700106, longer spot length.

Description: Tribute to the Delta Blues of Robert Johnson. Solo acoustic guitar.

Description: Tapping DIY Rhythm with Syncopated Metal Accents

Description: Orchestral New Age Industrial Light Slow Laid-Back Casual Moderate Calm Gentle Peaceful Tranquil Warm Love Loving Care Caring Human Happy Happiness Positive Piano Strings Background Love Rural Pastoral Morning American Politics Elections Television TV Radio Advertizing Panorama Films.

Description: Acoustic guitar, bass, marimba, vibes and percussion combine for an arrangement of blues-inspired riffs suggested to underscore light-hearted scenes.

Description: Hard, intense, dirty, gritty blues rock riff, with electric bass, drums, and a Hammond organ. Starts and ends hard and loud, with a quieter guitar solo section in the middle.

Description: Bluesy,'60 instrumental track, hammond solo

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