Description: Magical and Medieval music, adventure theme, an awakened dream Into the fantasy world of fairies

Description: 8 Min Of smooth and soft ambient music,This heartfelt, sentimental track features a special Piano and Harp sequence, and is eventually joined by wondrous,tender atmosphere . A beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for Yoga background music for creating a peaceful, heartwarming mood.

Description: Float in space and chill out to this new groovy space tune! Enjoy this 8 bit space groove, its a chiptune music loop! Great for Minecraft, Game Vlogs, Let's Play, makeup music, and much much more!

Description: School is out, may the 8 Bit Summer begin! Get hyped with these upbeat uplifting summer 8 bit chiptune track and make your Youtube video dreams come true! Great for intros, outros, end credits, Minecraft Videos, Game Vlogs and so much more!

Description: An evil dark theme perfect for a video game soundtrack or similar.

Description: soft background music with flute and others african instruments ...

Description: holiday, jester, dancing, Scotland, Scottish, Ireland, Irish, movie, game, Celts, Gauls, fantasy, Celtic Fair, clown, theater, tambourine, whistl, bright, cheerful/happy, dreamy, epic, festive, funny, happy, hopeful, joyful, light, lively, magical, playful, positive, accordian, mandolin, cello, flute, flutes, horns, pipe, penny whistle, strings, trumpet, violin, pre 15th century, 16th century, 17th century, celtic

Description: Fall in love with 8 Bit Music! A lovely tune with chiptune instruments and pretty strings. Positive and uplifting 8-bit video game tune loop. Peaceful but fun, check it out! Positive, fun and uplifting 8-bit video game tune with a great super beat to keep the energy high! Loop-able Track Perfect for Social Apps and Games! Great for Minecraft videos! Mario and Nintendo will be jealous! Sonic and Sega can 8 bit a gameboy! Check out HeatleyBros page for more great music.

Description: Lazy Days is a mid temp instrumental song about a clown having the day off of work. You can almost see him dancing through the house.

Description: This humorous piece of music fits a simple video game, or a TV show for kids. When I hear this song I get images of a fun platform game taking place on a nice island somewhere.