Description: Our take on classic video game music in this cute and bubbly track.

Description: A cute and quirky track reminiscent of classic video game music.

Description: A 60s vibe comes through loud and clear in this upbeat track. It has retro guitars and high energy drums.

Description: A quirky track inspired by vintage video game music.

Description: Best way to influence criminal activity! Dark & mean track.

Description: Une composition héritée de l'ambiance de Donkey Kong sur Super NES et Yoshi's Story.

Description: Head Case is hard core techno bordering on dark wave. Perfect piece for action thriller placement and or video game. Really banging aggressive drums, percussion, and interesting sound design.

Description: This is a Hard Core Gangsta banga, huge sub bass, horns, record cuts, and hooks all over the place…give it a listen

Description: Hardcore beat with extra distorted guitars! Cool for dark video games and motion pictures with some action in mind!

Description: One of the best tracks on here. Industrial sounding fast and furious. Imagine a fight club with this in the background. Let the punches fly