Description: the 2nd level song to the unreleased game gemtrix.

Description: dramatic electronic production with string conclusion.

Description: industrial electronic sound with heavy percussion. Royalty Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including You Tube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.

Description: Think Hans Zimmer Black ops Call of duty, Modern warfare, military action music, Battlefield. Starts heavy and powerful with pulsating strings to a groovy and thrilling epic piece with an intense end. Great soundtrack for action war movie, trailer or as menu music in a fps game, loopable science fiction, sci fi, patriotic, video game military, Building, Aggressive, Booming, Majestic, video game Marching, Driving, Explosive, Dangerous, Dramatic, heavy, intense, video game Action, Heroic, Triumphant, warfare, menu music black ops, battlefield, Call of duty menu music, games, fps, Forceful, Warzone, Victory, Powerful, menu music Patriotic, medal of honor menu music, video game War, action, hans zimmer, adventure, soundtrack, video game trailer, pounding, big, heroic, video game battle, epic, cinematic video game

Description: Loud, aggressive over the top guitar with heavy kick drum, acoustic snare and bongo are sure to get your attention. Useful for excitement, extreme sports, video game menus, action sequences, radio spots and documentaries.

Description: Bold, commanding tech riff over a sharp, snappy beat and overlaid with a powerful rhythmic synth part. Tension and attitude flows, and the track soars gracefully with a majestic raw energy. Suspenseful, high tech and catchy, ideal for hot product launch or promo.

Description: the 12th level song to the unreleased game gemtrix.

Description: A space music theme with the struggle.

Description: Industrial electronic cue, ideal as music for a videogame or for an action cue or a corporate video

Description: nice ambient with lots of percussion.