Description: Inspiring strong music for cinematography, suitable for videogames, news broadcasts, sports videos and slideshows.

Description: A jolly medieval festive dance track featuring recorder, hammer dulcimer, organ drone and percussion that one might have heard at summer festivals, banquets or taverns. C Major, 120 bpm.

Description: This dark piano piece mixes real instruments: piano and strings, with a simple electronic drumbeat that drives the sad piece, ultimately creating a soundscape that is expressive, haunting and filled with guilt and betrayal. C minor, 90 bpm.

Description: This powerful and driving track is made up of drums, percussion, bowed tam-tam and didgeridoo to create an intense and ethnic mood perfect for battles or rituals. 100 bpm, pedal note C.

Description: An upbeat moderate action instrumental perfect for video games needing a retro sound, particularly for the 80s 8 Bit. Very authentic and fun. A soaring electronic synth keyboard over a steady beat of bass and drum. Energetic with a feelgood joyful sound. Good for action, moderate action without being over the top and excellent for joyful fun games. this track will give your video game an authentic retro touch.

Description: Geometry dash style electronic mobile game level music.

Description: Summer Day is simple playful track. Easy going and quirky. This inspirational track with a glockenspiel, bells and chimes, xylophone, ukulele rhythm, along with the sound of simple piano melody, that instantly lifts the mood. Catchy acoustic guitar strum gives the feeling holiday, of achievement uplifting. Includes many other instruments such as drums, bass, tambourine, uke, hand snaps and hand clapping claps, and more. Perfect for commercial advertising background music, presentations, games, children, enterprises, podcasts, inspiring corporate video, YouTube montages and more.

Description: Playful and lively adventure with light and bright flute, tricky clarinet and funny oompa booma trombones and tuba, accompanied by background harp and cello section. Bouncy fun, happy and positive moods for an optimistic fairy tale in a magic landscape. Variants: 2 Min (& loop) / 1 Min (& loop) / 30 sec(& 2xloops) / 9 sec and two 5 sec snippets.

Description: Beautiful Day it is a bouncy and positive track, happy melody with ukulele, acoustic guitar, claps, tambourines, bells, and a simple solo piano. Perfect for background music, presentations, enterprises, podcasts, inspiring corporate video, YouTube montages and more.

Description: This Scifi completely loopable track will suit any video game or animated Scifi style media in need of light background music. The piece was designed to be menu music or credits music with its subtle looping nature.

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