Description: Beware the toons ! Starting the military way, the

Description: General Background Music for Apps Games Film and Videos! This track is versatile and can promote multiple themes, moods and emotions! If you like what you hear be sure to check out my collections of tracks!

Description: As the title describes, this is a modern take on an old idea. It has heavy guitars and drums leading the way in this rockin surf track. It will definitely add energy to a number of situations.

Description: Aggressive Trailer Intro Ident was made to be a short trailer intro / ident / opener, designed to catch the attention of your audience in just a couple of seconds.

Description: Voodoo, cool, dark, dramatic, epic, mystical, terror, scary, drums, drum machine, vocals, ethno

Description: drums, flute, percussion, Tokyo, Japan, koto, game, film, score, movie, fun, funny, light, joyful, playful, positive

Description: holiday, jester, dancing, Scotland, Scottish, Ireland, Irish, movie, game, Celts, Gauls, fantasy, Celtic Fair, clown, theater, tambourine, whistl, bright, cheerful/happy, dreamy, epic, festive, funny, happy, hopeful, joyful, light, lively, magical, playful, positive, accordian, mandolin, cello, flute, flutes, horns, pipe, penny whistle, strings, trumpet, violin, pre 15th century, 16th century, 17th century, celtic

Description: Haunting harp and distant piano create a sense of mystery and uncertainty.

Description: The Christmas Carousel is a typical carousel music cue,Bouncy and joyful,in the spirit of Christmas,suitable for children's programs, cartoons,animations, comedy and sitcom..

Description: Bright, airy, fun playful and whimsical little song with tuba, bassoon, flute and percussion. Funny adventures. Tricky Pirates. Platform video games. Magical forest. Playful adventurous fun! Background music for all kinds of video games, tales, stories and cartoons.

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