Description: A fun song featuring a Percussion and Cymbals piece recorded on the streets of Beijing, China in 2000 and performed by old people.

Description: A track that hangs and drives along dragging us with it. Sounds of the Chinese theatre accompanied by live percussion and Tibetan Horns keep us suspended in the music.

Description: A great mix between Chinese, Brazillian and Celtic traditional music.

Description: Quirky but pleasing, this song has a perfect balance between tension and relaxation, keeping the suspense throughout to engage the listener.

Description: A track with only 3 elements: the sound of a train travelling to the mountains in China, a flute and a stringed instrument. A very visual track.

Description: A great rhythmic song featuring Japanese Taiko and Sanshin recorded in Japan in 2000.

Description: Meditative and contemplative, this song if a perfect ambient track for film and documentary.

Description: An ambient song with a deep meditative feel that sometimes becomes frenetic and edgy only to always return to a relaxed atmosphere.

Description: Romantic and pensive. This song is very visual and is perfect to induce a relaxed state.

Description: A song that calls and laments, yet maintains sobriety and clarity in its approach.