Description: This is a very romantic and melodious chill ambient, easy listening background music track with tender acoustic guitar solo, synths and somnolent electronic drums…It can be used as a music for websites backgrounds, family movies, slideshows, films, telecasts, about nature, space, earth, children, family

Description: soundscape of warm synthesizer sounds with ambient percussion sounds.

Description: soundscape of warm synthesizer sounds.

Description: A Dramatic sorrowful,lost ambient music similar to death note's ending music (Anime). It can be used as background ambient. Very deep dreaming type ambient music. Otherworldly, abstract sounding ambient music - soft guitars, lovely and relaxing piano keys. Can be used for science fiction, romantic adult drama storylines, commericials for lifestyle products with a soft sell. Beautiful and richly textured. Related as Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Ethereal Music, background music, chillout music, ambience music, soundscape, space ambient, dreamy ambient, atmospheric music and documentary music. It is aideal as film theme, sci-fi theme, movie soundtrack, film soundtrack and dramatic music.

Description: the synergistic sound production at asoma music, a magical blend of flute, ambient sounds, wind chimes, and ocean sounds.

Description: the heartbeat itself is the groove … a soundscape of ambient sounds, a gorgeous female voice, native sounding chants and cymbals.

Description: a peace-filled feeling embosses a passionate 4+2 hand drum groove. sparse vocals elucidate native incantation .

Description: Beautiful and powerful composition with uplifting and spiritual qualities. Angelic in nature. Perfect for an opening scene or impactful start.

Description: Slow and touching solo piano plays a descending melody.